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stomping grounds celebrates its 300th

The latest blog post from the Finest one is spot-on as usual. You wanna see it, right? Of course you do. Here you go (and in case the page goes away as things disappear often on the internet or the page doesn't load, here's a PDF). Come back here when you're done.

Yes, that is my home town. Well.. to be technical it is all Killingly but people still consider Danielson and its boroughs "towns" even though they're not. According to the townies I would be considered "one town over" in Dayville.. but it's still all Killingly. Whatever.

My ramblings and thoughts on the event

The only reason Frito-Lay even bothered to make a presence is to put on the appearance they actually give a crap about the people they employ. Trust me, they don't. Yes, they are still the #1 employer in the area but it doesn't mean they give a crap about anybody. And no, I never worked there. I can say with 100% honesty that not only did I not work there but never even entered the building. Heck, I never even drove on the property. I say all this with pride.

That extra-long line of fire trucks has been a long-standing bone of contention with the locals. Why? Because the "cellar savers" as the townies call them spent WAY too much money on those trucks. Wasted cash? Yes.

Yes, it's true, you will see characters in any local parade that have absolutely nothing to do with anything - hence the reason for Vader, a pirate and a gorilla.. together.

This is what small town living is like. This is where I come from.

It reminds me once again how much Florida kicks ass in all the right places.

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