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STOP - Your roads are safe now

I witnessed a very wonderful and happy thing yesterday - school buses picking up kids to go to school. I was very happy to patiently wait behind the buses in my truck as they flashed their red beacons of warning... Hey, hold on there fella, I'm truckin' kids to school here. You go right ahead, Mr. School Bus. You do your thing. I will wait.

One word: HOORAY!

This means that during the hours of 7am and 3pm-ish, most teen drivers are OFF THE ROAD and are sitting at a school desk doing their studious (heh) thing, leaving me free to drive the streets without dealing with those bass-thumping, sticker'ized cars the idiot teens drive while talking on their cell phones, blowing stop signs and doing other dumb crap on the road.

Ah, I love September.

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