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stoplight peppers

Pop made what he calls a "Lazy Man's Lasagna" today with stoplight peppers (because they're red, yellow and green).

Mighty tasty.


Even though it will be a few weeks or possibly a bit longer before the Buick arrives, this whole experience has been nothing short of surreal. That's because sometimes when you search for something for a good chunk of your life and then actually get that something, it puts you aback.


And now some random thoughts of the moment.



I have a thing for girls that dress in corporate garb. The plain gray dresses that sway, the gold necklaces, those "shiny" white shirts.. things like that. It's hot when done correctly.

I also like girls who wear white capris, however some girls can wear this and look good while others can't.

I can't stand girls who wear jeans with knee-holes, as in the kind that are purposely cut. They look stupid. It was dumb in the 80's and it's dumb now.


I have learned the secret to losing weight. It's called a treadmill. Hop on one and walk for one to two miles a day (15-20 minutes in the morning and 15-20 minutes in the eve), and the pounds will come off. You don't need to walk fast, but enough to break a good sweat each time you do it. Furthermore, you can go right on eating what you always have and you will still lose weight as long as you stick to the regimen.

Speaking of losing weight, dieting does nothing but give you temporary weight loss only. Permanent weight loss requires exercise (such as daily treadmill'ing).

Speaking of losing weight again, you will actually gain weight by exercising before you lose it. This is because you will initially eat more, but then level out later.


Had I known sandals were the most comfortable shoe ever made ever, I would have started wearing them years ago.

I also like the fact that I hardly wear socks anymore.


Today while driving back from Riverview (that's a town) I encountered a slowdown of traffic on the northbound side of I-75. Being that I have GPS, I simply took the nearest exit, programmed a route home to avoid the highway and got home completely skirting the heavy traffic on the interstate.

I sometimes wonder if there would be even a tenth of the traffic there is now if everyone had GPS and knew how to use it.


It is routinely so cold in my apartment that I end up shivering. Most of the time I turn the A/C down, but sometimes I leave it that way so I can bundle up on purpose when I sleep, and feel the cold rush of air when I get out of the shower.

I do this because I'm used to it from my thirty years of New England living where it's common to bundle up on cold nights and feel cold floors when stepping out of the shower.


Sometimes when I'm on Highway 41 I think of the song Ramblin' Man by The Allman Brothers Band.

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