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sugary goodness

I have decided to eliminate all energy drinks and sugar substitutes from my diet after my recent vertigo spell (which is just about gone by the way). This means no more Nutrasweet (aspartame) or Splenda (sucralose).

The entire reason why I switched to sugar substitutes in the first place was to lose weight, but I'm totally willing to put some extra time on the treadmill to combat the fatty nature of more sugar intake.

And as far as the energy drinks were concerned, I just liked the taste of it.

Here's what I've noticed so far about using cane sugar:

No aftertaste

It was different drinking a cup of coffee and not tasting the sucralose aftertaste. Instead it was just sweet like I remember it from years ago.

It was weird buying sugar again

I don't remember the last time I bought sugar, but I do know it was several years ago. Today I bought some sugar cubes.

My body likes sugar

The lack of true sugar in my system left me a bit sluggish and lightheaded at times. But since putting it back into my system my body seems to like it quite a bit. I definitely feel more alert (as in the normal way and not the bouncing-off-the-wall way).

Here's what I've noticed about not drinking energy drinks anymore:


All energy drinks are ridiculously expensive, including the Monster Lo-Carb that I drank. The cheapest can in a 16-oz. that costs almost 3 bucks.

Now I'm drinking just regular stuff (regular sodas, orange juice, etc.) and none of it is over 2 bucks. In fact some of it is under 1 buck.

I feel a lot better and I'm saving cash, so life is good.

Oh, and another note on cash. Regular sugar is way cheaper than sugar substitutes. By a huge, huge margin.

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