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sunday bits

you can't dance to it

I've learned that not one but three rock/metal bands from my old stomping grounds (that being Northeastern Connecticut) are back together again.

Kitsch rockers? Maybe. Depends on your point of view.
. . .

video card fan dies (just about)

A noise starting coming out of my computer case. After inspection I found it was the video card fan.

Something I really can't stand is that you can't replace video card fans - and mine is one of those kind. Solution? Unplug the fan and ta-da, noise is gone. Is this stupid? Yes. However my last video card had the exact same problem and did the same thing. It never burnt up. Hopefully this one won't.

. . .

note to boss

I gotta say my boss is a good egg due to the fact I totally messed with one of his videos by "cheesing" it out - and he actually thought it was cool.

Cheese, when applied the right way, works. 😀

. . .

spock found

Picked up at f.y.e. in the mall, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Bought it used for 9 bucks. Good find in my opinion. Yes, I like 'Trek movies. So there. 😛

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