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sunday, friggin' sunday

Title of this entry comes from a lame joke about that well-known song from U2. I'm not linking to the song because you should know what it is, and if you don't, well... sucks to be you. 🙂

My weekend mainly consisted of web site updates and other tech stuff. I'm 100% sure no one is going to give a crap but I'm going to write about it anyway.

Concerning my phpBB2 message board I did some major behind-the-scenes work on that. Little things here and there that started out as small but ended up as quite a few changes. Those who use the forum will not notice anything (and that was the whole point).

Speaking of phpBB, I installed a test beta version of phpBB3 (the Olympus beta 2 version at the time of this writing). The install went okay, everything checked out and the system is chock full of new features, but as far as I'm concerned, too little too late. They should have done all these upgrades a long time ago. I'm sure that eventually phpBB3 will become widely used (when it's officially released and out of beta), but I'm quite certain that version 2 users will be around for a long time - especially considering the fact that so many admins have customized-beyond-belief versions of it already in use.

Small side note: If there was a way I could export my entire forum system to punBB, including user accounts, and have it "talk" with MovableType without a hitch, I'd do it in a second. But alas, no such way exists. So I'm staying with phpBB.

The web site now has a light template instead of dark. The dark was cool for a while but it was getting on my nerves. The biggest difference between this template and the last one is that the menu is on the right and it's a 100% CSS "table-less" thing. Worked out well and tested properly in both Internet Exploder Explorer and Firefox. I also went back to using Verdana instead of Arial for the content font.

Aaaaand that's about it unless I think of anything else to write today. 🙂

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