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sunday writings

Inspiration did not strike this weekend concerning the music making (except for here but that doesn't really count.. or maybe it does. I dunno). Instead I did a whole crapload of things on the to-do list that needed to be done, such as...

Update merchant account

I registered a true-blue merchant account (not that crappy PayPal crap) to accept credit cards a long time ago. Even though I never use it now, I still keep it. I called the merchant people up and updated the address, phone, e-mail, etc.

Update car loan account info

Very necessary. Can't have these guys sending the bill to the wrong place.

I tried to get them to send me a copy of the title information for my truck, but that office isn't open until Monday. The reason I need it is because I need to register my vehicle in the State of Florida and get plates, or rather, a plate. Evidently, FL only issues one plate per vehicle, not two like Connecticut does. In CT it's state law to have plates on the front and back of your car. In FL it's just the back. If this is true I'll have to find something to put on the front. Maybe I can find a "GMC" plate somewhere. Hm..

If a plate existed that said "I'm over 30, uncool and drive a truck - deal with it", I'd buy that.

One other tidbit: Florida has no shortage of vanity plates available. It's a long list. I particularly like the Ocean, Aquaculture, John Lennon, Challenger and Golf plates.

Buy a tool kit

The tools I use at my job to work on laptops aren't exactly up to par. I was told by my boss that if I wanted to go out and buy a kit, I could do so and expense it back, so that's what I did. I ran straight to Sears and picked up some necessary Craftsman tools. A ten piece screwdriver set, two needle nose pliers (one straight and one curved), two "pick-up" tools with magnets on the end (one large, one small) and a tool bag. The total was $81.00. Yeah, it's expensive - however, it's guaranteed for life. I will urge my boss to save the receipt.

Speaking from experience I can say that life is too short to use crappy tools no matter what you're working on. Tools that break just tick you off no matter how you look at it so you might as well make the investment. I've broken plenty of inferior tools in my day, so I know that spending the extra cash is worth it especially if you use them every day.


Aside from all that, I went grocery shopping and did the laundry.

During my grocery getter trip I noticed something interesting. It's just a plain fact that you're going to wait in line at the checkout, particularly in Tampa. There's really no avoiding it. So I'm standing there with my ten-items-or-less and waiting. Two teen girls behind me are standing behind me sighing loudly every thirty seconds or so. (And I thought I was impatient.) After about another minute they just blaze past me (and everyone else in line) and head to the customer service desk to pay for their gum and soda so they can get out of there.

Had they waited another two minutes they would have been out of there faster.

The thought that runs through my head when I see this is What are they in such a rush to do? Go home and watch cartoons? Maybe this is just another sign I'm more life experienced. Who knows.

Anyway.. it's really nice when you get everything done that you need to do. Years ago I was the laziest frickin' slob and I just didn't care about cleaning, running errands or anything like that. These days I'm all about getting the tedium out of the way, because once it's done, it's done.

And if I have to wait in line sometimes to get things done, I'll do it. Not happily (grin), but I'll do it.


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