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Surfin' at Juno turtle speeds...

I have a backup Juno internet access account. Ten bucks a month. Can't really beat that, the price is right. Just for the "fun" of it I'm writing this article while on dial-up. Fortunately I've designed this site to be fast, so it's not a chore to surf it even on a slow connection.

In a way I miss how the internet used to be. Dial-up back in the day wasn't all too bad because the majority of the web sites out there weren't so clogged up with graphics and other useless crap. Nowadays you can't even surf without waiting almost 20 to 30 seconds for it to load up on dial-up.

Ah well.. the days of fast loading web sites are all but gone if on dial-up. Guess it's just a sign of the times.

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