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Title of this entry is part of a lyric from a song that is, without any question, Black Sabbath's heaviest song ever recorded.

Last night I went to go hang out at Steph's new place and met a crapload of new people. At least ten. The evening went well.

Got into some very old-school discussions about heavy metal and bands of yesteryear. It was like stepping back in time ten years ago and beyond - and that's not a bad thing. Reminiscing is good.

One subject brought up is that since I turned 30 (I'm 32 as of this writing), I'm comfortable enough now to like what I want to concerning my music tastes. As a former metal-only listener, you absolutely did not listen to anything else, and if you did, you never told anyone about it.

But that's changed.

Sometimes I'll listen to Black Sabbath.

Sometimes The Carpenters.

Sometimes Stevie Wonder.

Sometimes Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Sometimes Gary Numan.

My list of what I like is long and complex and I positively refuse to pigeon-hole myself into listening to one style of music. All that does is restrict you from liking a lot of other really, really cool stuff.

There was a lot of other stuff talked about. It was good. I liked it all. Steph knows good people. It was cool. 'Nuff said.

Oh, and happy Easter, everyone. 🙂

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