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switched to hotmail

There was a time.. not so long ago.. that I was a complete Google whore. Everything I had was Google-fied. Then Gmail ticked me off and I stopped using it.

Since that time I used Thunderbird but quickly realized a few things:

  1. I can't sync my address book. Actually that's not true, you can do it with certain t-bird plugins, but the fact you have to download/install separate crap just to do a simple task is annoying - and then you have to follow suit on every computer you use. Screw that.
  2. I need space. If I kept the mail on my web host I would run out of storage. It wouldn't happen for a while, but the point is that yes, it would occur eventually.
  3. I need mail that is the same both on the web and in a client.

The only mail that does this is Hotmail.

I switched - completely. The mail on this domain is now handled via Live Domains.

Well.. I guess you could call me a Microsoft whore now. If you did you'd be right. But in all seriousness, there really isn't anything better than what Microsoft is offering right now in the mail department.

Can you name anyone else that has a killer mail client and a killer mail service and the ability to tack it to your domain - for free?

I didn't think so.

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