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switched to opera

Something happened after Chrome 18 where in version 19 there was this seriously annoying pausing going on whenever typing anything in the address bar (and yes I had that "suggested search" crap all turned off). And when 20 was released, the problem was still there. Tried reinstalling the browser. Didn't fix it. Tried reinstalling and purposely using no extensions. Didn't work. Given how much I type addresses, it was time to kick Chrome to the curb because if any app can't support the most basic computer function of typing text into it, it's worthless.

I tried IE9 which doesn't have the address bar problem at all, but I can't stand the way IE renders fonts. It smudges the hell out of everything and you can't turn it off unless you use "Compatibility Mode" which makes things break on certain web sites. Everybody hates it, and of course Microsoft couldn't care less because all they care about are phones these days. Someone actually had to write a wrapper to hack IE just to turn that crap off. Pathetic. Not the wrapper, but just the fact that has to exist because it's that much of a problem.

Tried Safari. That browser is still the same piece of crap it always was. Pass.

Then I tried Opera. It was good. Really good. Fast, quick, responsive. It's everything Firefox used to be before it turned into a pile of crap. So yeah, I switched to Opera 12.

Chrome is gone off my computer now. All I use is Opera 12 and IE9 in the rare instances when I actually need the IE browser.

What's known as "rapid release", which is something both Firefox and Chrome do where they send out updates really really fast, broke both browsers on my system. Broke them so bad I said "screw 'em both".

I started using Firefox a long time ago because I hated IE6. I used it for years, but it got slower... and slower... and slower... and bigger with bloat, bloat and more bloat.

Then Chrome came along. Small, light and quick. But then it got slower... and slower... and slower... and bigger with bloat, bloat and more bloat. Yes, the same story all over again.

To touch back on IE6 for a moment, yes it had more security holes than swiss cheese. But the one thing that was great about it is that it was really fast. IE6 even when brand new was quick. IE9 is also really fast and works well, but its lack of extensions and that RIDICULOUS font-smooshing crapola it does makes it completely unusable for me.

Opera is basically the last browser out there that doesn't suck. Yeah it has memory issues just like every other browser does, but it's not too bad. I'd rather deal with having to restart my browser once an hour instead of dealing with Chrome's crappy address bar stuttering/pausing.

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