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switching to flickr, possible musician hook-up

switching to flickr

I have been messing around with Windows Live Photo Gallery, and what I've discovered is that while it doesn't have all the whiz-bang features of Picasa, there are several things I really dig about it.

  1. You can easily tag photos, including mass tagging (very, very frickin' convenient). In Picasa it is a pain in the ass to tag anything.
  2. You can easily put descriptions in photos, including mass-selecting and putting the same description for a set of photos.
  3. You can easily reset the date of any photo taken. Sometimes when you copy images from one place to another the file date rewrites. You can "unwrite" it back. Very cool.
  4. The uploader to Flickr is flawless. It connects and posts either to a new set, existing set or no set. It's frickin' EASY. Easy is good.

This software convinced me to switch over to Flickr. It is the app I was looking for to take advantage of what Flickr has to offer.

Now comes the long arduous process of posting all the photos (groan...), but once done it'll be okey-dokey. Afterwards I will be deleting everything off Picasa for good and won't look back.

possible musician hook-up

I posted an ad on CL looking for musicians to jam with and got a few responses. I spoke with one of the guys who responded on the phone today. He's a studio nerd which is exactly what I was looking for.

Hopefully we'll hook up next week and hash out some tunes. If it works out this will make for a very happy Richard.

My previous experience with advertising for people to play with went all wrong. The reason was because I was not specific enough - but this time I was and it seems to have worked so far. My ad was totally rude and totally brash but totally honest which is what counts. 🙂

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