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synth nerds

Recently I posted a video of myself playing a part of Van Halen's Eruption. Instead of playing it the traditional way on the guitar (which I can do,) I used the Fusion instead. You can check out the video here if you like; it's nothing special as far as I'm concerned. Just a for-fun thing.

The day I posted this video it got around 40 views. This I expected. No big deal.

The second day the view count jumped from 40 to over 400.

I was confused at this point. Surely this must be a fluke in the YouTube system.

Nope. It's for real. A synth site called Matrixsynth linked it. So I extend my thanks to Matrixsynth in that respect. Thanks all around; much appreciated.

But of course the synth nerds (in form of commentary) came out in force to say it sucked. (heh)

Synth nerds are similar to YouTube guitar "experts." These guys blab away about LFO's, oscillators, sine waves, a.k.a. nothing that anyone gives a crap about.  They also like bands and artists that no one has ever heard of (and no one gives a crap about that either.)

Here's the rub: Synth nerds can't write a good song. Not possible. What you hear from them sounds like a bunch of R2D2 sound effects mashed into a blender with no beat or direction whatsoever. It's not music and I don't care how biased that sounds. What they make is crap.

Those nerds can "hate" on my video all they want because it will always be better than any crap they'd ever make. 😀

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