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Take two

Today I found another trade magazine for potential advertising. It's in Rhode Island which I will probably post an ad in instead of the other mag I mentioned previously. It covers just shy of 34,000 homes in western Rhode Island. Not bad. Granted, it doesn't have the coverage the mag up north does (it covers the majority of several New England states and some of Canada), but there are perks. First of all, the prices are flat rate. Very nice. You know up front exactly how much you will spend. Secondly, the prices are very decent and beat Northeastern Connecticut's local mag. Third, the web site is very informative and up front. Cool.

I will be acquiring a copy of it for me so I can check it out. If that other mag doesn't get its crap together with the b2b section, I'm not going to bother with it and just go with the RI one instead.

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