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tampa radio station follies

See (and hear) this: (note: if you get a "plugin error" in firefox just use internet explorer)

That's a for-real call where some lady called in and started bashing the station (93.3 FLZ) for something they didn't even do.

Seriously speaking, I thought that after listening to WAAF in Boston for years I'd heard it all. Every SINGLE dee-jay on 'AAF has had their fair share of disgruntled callers. Op op and Ack ack (when they were still there), Rocco, Carrie, Hill-Man, you name it - they've received it. In droves.

I liked listening to this caller. It reminded me of my stomping grounds back home. 🙂

If you've ever thought about being a dee-jay, listen to this call, then listen again. They have to constantly deal with an onslaught of CRAP from people like this on an almost daily basis.

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