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All about TAXI A&R membership, thoughts on whether metal music sells anymore


I got a TAXI membership and talk about it. I also give thoughts on whether metal even sells anymore these days.

New podcast episode 8 is up now.

Yes, I did get a TAXI membership and paid the full 1-year price for it. I talk about this at length in the podcast and discuss whether it's worth it or not for guitar players.

It's the "for guitar players" thing that really matters here, because you really need the correct frame of mind before just jumping into a TAXI membership.

A gross oversimplification of TAXI is that every time you submit a song to a listing, it's like applying for a job. Song submissions are all reviewed similar to a job interview process. If the review goes well, then you get to the next level, similar to being called back for a second interview, and so on. Again, this is a gross oversimplification of what TAXI does.

TAXI can only work with what they're given. For those of you out there that play metal guitar and intend on submitting metal music, I'll tell you right now that you will have a rough time even with TAXI's assistance. I don't play metal but many guitarists do. In the podcast I explain why metal music is a hard sell. You are really limiting yourself commercially if metal is the only kind of music you write.

The best advice I can give to metal guitarists is this: Be open to the idea of playing something other than metal if you want your music to pay the bills - especially if considering a TAXI membership. Again, I detail the reasons why in the podcast.

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