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tech flops

Whether you're a fan of tech or not, this is an interesting read.

There is a big list of commercial failures in the computer and gaming industry. I can say that yes, I remember a few of these.

I remember seeing the television ads for the Atari Jaguar. Even back then I knew that Atari was desperate to sell the system. The tv ad I remember showed this teacher yelling at a class saying "64 BITS! 64 [bleep]'in BITS!" Evidently, the whole 64-bit thing was supposed to sell this unit. It didn't.

When I saw the Virtual Boy in stores, the first thing I thought was Man, that looks stupid. And it was. The system sucked. I never knew anyone that owned one, much less used it. However, I do remember seeing stories on the news that the system did cause headaches - literally.

I played a ton of Pac-Man for the Atari 2600. The game looked absolutely nothing like the real arcade, but we all played it anyway. I mean, heck, it was better than Air Sea Battle (which truly sucked).

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