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tech of olde / lunch

Last Friday I finally dug out my old digital camera and went to lunch with a friend yesterday.

hello d-535

After sitting buried under a bunch of crap in the extended cab area of my truck, I finally dug out the old Olympus D-535. It still works, but for some reason the pictures in its internal memory will not delete and I have no idea why. There's this stupid lock icon for each one which prevents me from deleting stuff to clear the memory. I have to give this cam to someone so I'd best figure out what the frig the problem is before then. 🙂

After I popped two AA batteries in it to fire it up, I experienced sort of a kinship feeling...

I remember when I bought you brand new - and you took many good photos. You rock.

I find that people develop kinship with anything that's with them for a long time. People can and do give names to their cars, guns, guitars, certain toys and so on. No, I don't have a name for the D-535 other than its model name, but when I turned her on I had a flood of memories of all the places where I took pictures with it.

Hopefully the recipient of this cam will be able to get good use out of her like I did.


On Saturday I met up with a co-worker I used to work with in Connecticut. He's stationed in Orlando right now on National Guard duty and since he was close by we met for lunch today in Tampa. Being that I was given the choice of where to eat, I opted for Johnny Rockets in the mall.

Something happened there that didn't the last few times I went.

During lunch, all of a sudden this disco song comes on - turns up loud, and six employees came out, stood in front of the barstool area and started disco dancing - for the entire song.

I'm not kidding and I totally didn't see it coming. It was cool.

Everyone in there (including yours truly) gave a round of applause after the dance.

And yes, stuff like this happen in Florida. It's one of the reasons I love it here.

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