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television commercials i remember from when i was a kid

Above: Juicy Fruit Gum from the 1980s. This commercial was everywhere and I honestly thought the people in it were the COOLEST EVER. Riding in the back of a cool step-side pickup truck, wicked skiing tricks - and a cool song. You could not help but watch this whenever it came on.

Above: 7-Up soft drink from the 1990s. One of the absolute funniest commercials ever made. It is so difficult to get comedy to work in a commercial and this one absolutely nails it hook, line and sinker. It is SO RARE to see a commercial THIS good.

(Note: Yeah I know I wasn't exactly a kid when this ad aired but it was a while ago.)

Above: "Crying Indian" PSA. There's a reason people remember this including myself. It was mandated by law that all television stations had to run a certain amount of PSAs (Public Service Announcements) per day. So what the stations did is shove them all into the late-night/early-morning slots. It was very common to see this PSA played 3 times during a half-hour after midnight. This is why it stuck in our minds so much - you couldn't avoid it.

Above: Any/all "music collection" CD ads in the 1990s. Every single one of these ads were exactly the same - all with the same crappy music. In the 1980s there were country collections and baby-boomer collections. In the 1990s they made "here and now" collections and completely flooded the market with them.

Above: Tootsie Pop from many years ago. I have no idea when this ad starting running but it was all the way thru the 80s and well into the 90s. This ad just worked over and over again so there was no reason to change it. Were I to guess, I'd say the ad first appeared in late 60s. Everybody knows this one.

Above: 1970s Tootsie Roll. Different from Tootsie Pop but same company. This ad while made in the 70s went all the way thru the 80s and into the early 90s as well. The animation here got my eyes totally glued to the set because it just felt "magical" to watch. For some reason when the girl with the baseball bat has it turn into a Tootsie Roll, that was the coolest part of the commercial for me.

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