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ten minutes to midnight

It's 11:50pm at the time I start this one and whenever possible I always like to throw out a Sunday blog, mainly due to the reason that hardly anyone does it, even though it will be well into Monday by the time this gets posted - but it's the THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.. right? Right. 🙂 The title of this entry is a (very) obscure reference to this song (the lyrics suck but the song rocks).


MySpace follies

I get a few musicians and bands who request that "add a friend" thing every so often. So I check 'em out and usually deny them. 🙂 For the latest two that I kicked to the curb, one of them was a band that did not have any music whatsoever with a blog post that said "songs removed because we're recording a studio album, blabbity blah blah.." and the genre of what they do was something I don't even like. Denied. The second was some dude who had 1200+ friends already and wanted to add me to his friend list just for promotional purposes. Um, no. Denied.

I will only add musicians, artists or whatever if I think the music is cool. Otherwise, no way. I'm actually more interested in personal contacts on MS rather than the pro or trying-to-be-pro ones. MySpace is supposed to be "a place for friends", not "a place where you can take your crappy band and whore yourself out".

Can you tell I have absolutely no faith in MySpace's "networking" whatsoever? 🙂


Avoiding the fatness

For the second time, a flyer has appeared on my door for a local food place. The first time it was from some Chinese food joint. This time it was from a pizzeria with a web site no less).

Everything on the menu is overpriced crap. In addition, you have to buy at least $10.00 worth of food to have it delivered, and pay a "delivery charge" (which is b.s.) and tip the delivery moron besides that.

No thanks.


Slowly building my monster entertainment center

Over the weekend I was able to dig out my old DVD player at Pop's house and brought it back to my apartment so I could hook it up to my small tv. As I write this I have Shrek 2 playing. I like having the DVD played on an actual tv instead of my laptop.

Eventually I'm going to get a better television but as I wrote here just recently, that's not something on my high list of priorities. 🙂


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