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I have a like/dislike relationship with Twitter. Mostly dislike. 🙂

I like because it's stupidly easy to use. I dislike because it's yet another frickin' thing I have to login to and post just to use it. Bleah.

TwitterFeed is something I just found out about that will poll my blog's RSS feed and make lil' "tweets" along with a TinyURL in tow, so good deal there.

I honestly don't know how long this will last because evidently Twitter is cracking down on spam. Technically speaking, using a service like TwitterFeed to auto-poll your blog once per hour then send a "tweet" if there's anything new could be considered spam. And I hate spam. A lot. Who doesn't?

I use TwitterFeed for one reason and one reason only.

I'm lazy. 🙂

I see it this way: People use RSS readers to read their favorite blogs. Using TwitterFeed to post the exact same thing on your Twitter profile is no different; it's just yet another way to get to the information.

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