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Thanks to those who care / web site stuff

I'd like to take a moment to thank those near and dear to me (friends, relatives and girlfriend) for putting up with my attitude for the past few days. Monday and Tuesday positively sucked. Today I think I'm coming around to my normal self again.. or at least what I consider to be normal (after all, everyone's definition is different).


I noticed in my server logs today that several people are reloading the home page over and over again. This can only mean one thing: Some people have finally noticed the random quote at the top right and kept reloading to see how many quotes there were. To kill that mystery, the current count of random quotes is over 20. I say "current" because I add some whenever I either think of or find some random saying on the internet that I feel fits this site. Maybe I'll get to 30 someday, or 40, or more.. Oh, and it's true, some quotes have links to lil' sound clips.

And yes, the "posted by" mark at the end of each article also has a random line in it, such as "spewed forth from" or "stain removal provided by" and so on. There are not as many of those as I have random quotes for the top, but I'm sure I'll think of a few more. 😉

I put these things on this site to keep it interesting.


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