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thanksgiving '07

A good Thanksgiving to all.

What am I thankful for this year? A lot.

I'm thankful that..

For me, the living-in-FL thing isn't old just yet. Probably won't be for a while. I know I keep talking about it over and over, and darn it I'll continue to as long as I wanna. 😛

I will share with you yet more reasons why FL beats the crap out of the stomping grounds.

Some great examples: I post an ad that I was looking for musicians to play with and I get several responses in just a few days. I post an ad saying I want to go on a date and, same as the music thing, I get responses in a few days.

It doesn't matter that the musician thing or the date thing didn't work (yet). What matters is that I actually got to meet new people.

If you tried the exact same thing at the stomping grounds (which I did many times), you'd be lucky to get a single response because most of the time you'd get nothing.

. . .

Concerning the social stuff, dating and whatnot - I see the positive side, that being at least I'm trying. I have heard and been told "Stop looking and that's when you'll meet the girl for you". That doesn't work so I continue to look.

Speaking of which, there's a Walgreen's I frequent quite a bit; it's because they always have the soda I like and there's usually no line at the checkout. There's two girls there (but usually not at the same time) that are cute and like talking to me. I like them both because they're always nice.

One of them was there the other night. I've thought about asking her out about a million times but am afraid that she'll say no and then there will be this awkwardness every time I go there to get a soda.

What can I say, I really like that soda. 😛

I get the feeling she really doesn't think I'm her type anyway.. so unless I get some kind of hint she wants to go out, I won't be asking.

Still, it'd be nice to have a girlfriend for Christmas. Maybe I should work up the nerve and ask even though there's the possibility of awkwardness doom if she says no..?

. . .

Concerning the job I have now, I have told my boss up front that I sincerely appreciate the work and I truly dig the job. It's a killer gig and kicks ass in all the right places. 😀

. . .

Thanksgiving was good; I'm thankful all around.

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