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that thing called anime

cd I am the last person you want to ask about comic books or cartoons, because I hardly know anything about it. What I do know is only bits of info from the people I knew when I lived in New England that were very big into it.

The only cartoon show that I'm pretty sure was anime is Voltron. And the only reason I know Voltron is because I watched it as a kid whenever it was on television. In fact, I had a die-cast Voltron lion set as a kid. It never stayed together when you put all the lions together (there were five). One of the arms would always fall off and there was absolutely no way it could stand up straight on its own. You had to prop it against a wall to do that. Obviously I didn't have too much fun with Voltron toys as a kid. Ah, the 80s.

Other than that, the only other anime I know of is when I saw Akira. Years ago a friend brought it over one day (back when the movie was under 5 years old) and said, "DUDE, YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS. IT'S AWESOME." So I watched it. Definitely different. I might pick it up one of these days just to add to my movies-I-saw-in-my-teens collection of DVDs. But it's not like a must-have or anything like that. From what I understand it's supposedly the movie that introduced major Japanese animated cinema to the US. Um.. yeah. Whatever. It's just one of those weird kooky Japanese movies as far as I'm concerned.

If you use the internet with any sort of regularity, you will run into anime. It's frickin' everywhere and is like The Thing That Would Not Go Away. You cannot use the internet and not run across it periodically.

Anime doesn't necessarily bother me to the point where it makes me think KILL IT - KILL IT NOW, but it is absolutely ridiculous how much of it is on the internet.

I guess I just don't get it. I don't see what the attraction to it is, I have no idea why so many think it's cool.. like I said, I don't get it. And I don't want to.

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