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That's it, I'm going back to MySpace

Sometimes I get emails from Facebook like this:


This is one of those spam-yet-not-spam-yet-still-spam Facebook notifications. The email is real and from Facebook, but the likelihood of this "person" being a spammer is about, oh, 100%.

I've said many times before that I hate Facebook and this is yet another reason to add to the list of why I hate it. My profile is non-public and completely blanked on purpose, yet I still get these types of emails. What does this mean? Facebook's security is complete garbage. Even if you purposely set your profile to private and you disconnect all apps from sharing any info, you will still get spammed.

At least on MySpace it's very easy to tell who's a spammer and who isn't, but on Facebook the spammer profiles are purposely set to "You can't see this unless you add me". If you add, blammo, a big dish of spam with a side of malware/spyware to boot because their profile is probably configured in a way to instantly try to hijack your browser the moment you view it.

I'm seriously considering getting a MySpace account again. Yes, for real. Being it's not the #1 social network anymore, spammers don't pay as much attention to it so it's actually safer than it used to be.

Even though MySpace is #2 now, it's much more social than Facebook. It's far easier to meet new people there because many feel more comfortable using that system, yours truly included.

We all know MySpace is an empire built on spam, but at least they're up front about it, so we're actually more comfortable with the ads there. Facebook was supposed to be that "cool, private thing" we were all supposed to love, but it turned out to be worse than MySpace ever was.

Because of this I may be getting another MySpace account soon, and use it for what it was designed for - to be social. I'm not social on Facebook because the system is way, way too creepy. MySpace has its creepiness to it as well, but like I said, they're much more honest about it.


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