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the benefits of being a cheap bastard

Today I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some razors, garbage bags and shampoo. In there I found a 100-pack of four-gallon trash bags. These are great for the bathroom trash bucket as that one is small anyway. And it was only 4 bucks. Couldn't say no to that. I skipped buying the "kitchen tall" bags because I figured I'd get them elsewhere.

While walking around I saw door mirrors for 5 bucks. Again, could not say no. Picked that up. However I couldn't find any self-adhesive hooks to place them on the door. Since I live in an apartment and I can't be going around drilling holes in doors, the self-adhesive thing is a requirement. But I couldn't find them.

After that I headed to a local supply store at the end of my street. They didn't have the hooks I needed. Drat.

After that I went to Ace Hardware. They had the hooks I needed and, BONUS, also a 90-pack of kitchen-tall bags for 9 bucks.

I have so many frickin' bags now that I probably won't need to buy them again for about, oh, at least 2 years or more. 🙂

And I also have a very cool, very nice door mirror. This is something I've been wanting for a long time. I had one in the house I lived in up north and am happy to have one again.

This is what the mirror looks like:


I realized after taking this photo that it has somewhat of an optical illusion to it. There is a closet right next to the door; the photo makes it look as if you can step thru into another room. 🙂

Anyway, above is the cheap 5-dollar door mirror I bought with four white self-adhesive plastic hooks capable of holding four pounds each (more than enough) holding it up. I have it set with two on the bottom and the other two on the top sides so I can slide it out easily if I have to. There is no need for a top hook as the sides hold it in place just fine.

There is absolutely no shake whatsoever when you open or close the door.

I suppose I could have matched the look of the frame by painting the hooks, but I didn't feel like doing that.

I'm happy this all worked out without the need for tools or drilling.


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