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the board

Last week I picked up a dry-erase board, as in the kind you can write on with dry-erase markers. Mine is the smaller kind, acquired for just over 5 bucks. I also spent a few extra buck on better Expo brand markers (worth the cash, trust me on that one).

Something I've been really bad at as of late is getting things done and I needed to do something about it. It is true that writing things down does commit it to memory better, so I decided to go with the board.

Previously I had tried writing things in a small memo book, but I needed something "in my face" so to speak. This board is larger, in plain sight and everything on it is written in red marker. I can't ignore it and that's the whole point.

See, the thing is that if it's on the board, in RED and listed as something not done, this gives me more of an incentive to do it. And it works.

Most of what's listed on the board are short term goals, because if I list nothing but long term stuff, that's too out-of-reach.

If you find yourself getting lazy and need a better way to do a to-do, try a dry erase board. Works for me.

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