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the chronicles of that guy known as richard

Here's something that'll make your head spin:

Not including this post, there are 1,501 posts on this blog.


Well great gobs o' goose crap, that's a whole lot o' posts. And no, I didn't count them. My blog software does that for me (thank God.)

I was thinking of making a "best of" page listing the favorite things I've ever written here.

As I was scanning thru my posts from the beginning back in '04, I had enough energy to get to June '05 and stopped because there's a lot of stuff to go thru.

However I can expound on what I read to that point.

1. Some of the stuff was really painful to read.

Obviously there are things in your life you don't want to re-live again, but you're more or less forced to if you go back thru a journal you've authored detailing stuff about your life. I saw a lot of anger and bitterness in some of the older stuff.

2. My writing style was (maybe still is?) directly influenced by the blogs I read at the time.

No one else could detect stuff like this but me. In several posts I found styles that I directly lifted from other popular bloggers. Note that I said styles and not word-for-word stuff (which I've never done.)

3. Many things I read I totally forgot ever happened.

A good example of this is the way I felt after seeing Episode III. Not only did that post make mention of the Killingly Cinemas 3 (why I didn't write the name of the theater that in the post I don't know,) but it also made reference to when I saw the re-release of Episode IV in 1997. So I got to remember the crappy theater (said with love) I saw the movie in and get my fill of memories 8 years before that - which at this point is now 10 years.

4. I'm different now.

The guy known as Richard from years ago is still the same guy but now older, wiser, more seasoned and now literally in a place where he (that being me) wants to be.

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