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the crap that passes off as good new software these days

Mozilla Thunderbird 5.0 was released yesterday. Yes, they completely skipped version 4. The last version of TB3 was 3.1.11.

TB 5.0 is complete crap in Windows 7. While it operates fine, the theme is completely jacked up and doesn't agree with Windows Aero whatsoever. If using 2000, XP, Linux or a Mac, you're in good shape - but not on WinVista or Win7.

What really ticked me off more than anything else is that I tested it in XP first via VMWare to make really sure nothing was going to blow up on me when I installed it in 7, but I obviously couldn't accommodate for Aero wonkiness from TB in XP. I switched back to 3.1.11. I also made sure to download and backup all the add-ons I use in TB 3.1.11 because add-on developers have a really nasty habit of completely removing old versions that work with older TB from the internet so you can't download them again.

Opera 11.50 was released. This browser is just as big of a piece of crap as it ever was. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would choose to use Opera as their primary browser because it is a complete stupid mess. And of course when I was testing it out, it crashed in less than 10 minutes.

I uninstalled both programs out of frustration but will reinstall once I work up the nerve to try them again. There are some good articles I could write about both so I kinda have to deal with it in the name of pushing out content. 🙂

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