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The dumbest thing I've seen in 2005

This one takes the cake, no doubt about it. The AFA has a boycott pledge against Target stores.

Were Target stores cited for treating employees badly? Nope. How about inappropriate discrimination? Nope. Price gouging? Nope. Most annoying logo? Nope. Target doesn't do or have any of those things ('cept for the annoying logo part).

This boycott pledge exists because Target does not use the word "Christmas" in any of its advertising. Evidently, that's bad.

Not that I defend large corporate enterprise or anything like that, but I applaud Target for completely ignoring the AFA's request. Know why? What Target has done is take some of the commercialism away from Christmas - and THAT'S NOT A BAD THING. I would absolutely love it if no companies at all used the word "Christmas" in their advertising. Christmas is too commercialized as it is.

A big company decides not to use the word "Christmas" to sell its wares. GOOD. That's one down and about a million others to go. Keep Christmas as it should be: A celebration of Jesus' birthday - not a free-for-all advertising blitz. Anyone that says "Yes! Put "Christmas" in your advertising to sell your stuff!" needs to examine that mode of thought and consider what they're actually saying.

Target's message is not "We're banning Christmas", rather, it's "We're not selling Christmas".

-- edit --

Found more that aren't "selling Christmas". Good!

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