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the five types of internetters


There were only two types of internet users. Those that used it and those that didn't.

But now there are five.

They are:

  1. Barely-there (abbreviated B for this bloggo)
  2. Entertainment (E)
  3. Moderate (M)
  4. Heavy (H)
  5. Addict (A)

Before continuing - because I know you want to know - I'm an H. I'm not an A because I actively get outside. 🙂 More on that in a moment.


The B user is the kind that usually only has a dialup account or uses the library to check their email once a week. These people don't even count as internet users as far as I'm concerned.


The bulk of Facebook users are Es. They're there for the entertainment factor and not much else. They don't participate in forums or game all that much - if at all. And at best they only use maybe 5 web sites regularly at most.

I describe Es as living in an online bubble. They know very little about the internet outside the very small area they use.


An M is a user that actually uses the internet for, y'know, productive stuff besides watching funny cat videos and writing stupid crap on Facebook. The M will use online bill-pay, keep in contact with friends and/or co-workers using internet means, actually have an email account they use just about every day, and so on.

Ms also will use internet for things like reading news and staying current on events. And yes, they game as well. Casually, of course.


As I said above, I'm an H. I use internet every day. My job is based on it and it keeps a roof over my head and food on the table. Hs are called nerds by Ms and Es routinely - although many of these same people are secretly Hs themselves.

Hs also routinely author their own blogs, maybe do a little (or a lot) of programming, are up to date on 'net lingo that nobody gives a crap about in real life, and so on.

Hs can be casual or heavy gamers - but not so heavy as to forget to do things, like.. eat and bathe? 🙂


The addict. These people are full-on nerds in every sense of the term. Rarely do they go outside. As far as they're concerned, they feel warmth and comfort in the wee hours of the night by monitor's glow. These are the people who fit the stereotype of a nerd almost to a fault. They eat, breathe and sleep internet. Totally addicted and couldn't care less about the world outside of cyberspace.

What kind of internetter are you?

If you read this blog, you're probably and M or an H. I also get some Es every so often, but as far as I'm aware I never get As. Or maybe I do and just don't know it?

I guess I'll never know.


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