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the glove box

I've owned my truck for almost 5 years. I bought it originally in January 2005.

About 3 weeks ago (maybe a month, I don't remember), I received new car insurance cards from GEICO. It comes on a sheet and you tear the perforated edges so you can chuck one in your glove box just in case you ever need to prove you have insurance. Technically you don't need to. More on that in a moment.

What I have in my glove box is a large thick envelope that contains my vehicle registration and insurance card. This is so that for whatever else I put in there, the important stuff is easy to find.

Yesterday I finally decided to clean out the glove box. I don't think I've done this in about.. oh.. three years.

First I took out all the old napkins I never used. (Protip: Always keep napkins in there. You will need them sooner or later.)

Under that I found a 311 CD.

311? I never bought this. How did that get in there?

Then I found a picture of a woman.

Is this a girl I dated? If so, did we have sex? She doesn't look familiar.

At the bottom was a really old BBQ sauce packet/cup/thing from Wendy's, a 2 AA flashlight I forgot I had (score), a tire pressure gauge (score again) and an old pair of prescription sunglasses (major score, I needed those).

After cleaning all this crap out, I also cleaned out the large envelope with all my important-vehicle-document crap in it. I still had insurance cards in there from when I lived in Connecticut. Yeah. Old stuff. Tossed. (It's not like it would ever be worth anything even for nostalgia's sake.)

Never realized how big my glove box was..

Oh, and the insurance card thing:

Pretty much all police departments these days have computers in the car so if you're pulled over and don't have your cards, all they have to do is look up your VIN and it will instantly say whether the vehicle is insured or not. The only real reason to keep the cards is for the phone number when you have to call them.

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