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the great 7-eleven experiment

Honestly speaking I don't know how far this experiment will go but it's interesting. Or at least to me it is.

Something that is an institution in Tampa are 7-Elevens. For those not from the USA that read my blog, a 7-Eleven is a convenience store. The title of the store chain originally comes from the fact that they opened at 7am and closed at 11pm, however today the vast majority of them are 24-hour stores (more on that later).

To give you an idea of how much commerce happens where I live in Tampa, there are 10 Wal-Marts within 10 miles of where I live.

Five of those ten are Wal-Mart SuperCenters.

To give you an idea of how much penetration 7-Eleven has, there are 35 stores within a 10-mile radius of me. Yes, just 10 miles.

How do I know this information? I just did a store search at each company's respective web site.

Why did I want to know this information? Curiosity and the fact I'm interested in how commerce works. We see these stores all the time and never give it a second thought. It is nothing shore of incredible that all these stores stay in business and all make money.

To answer the question "Okay.. so what's the experiment?" The experiment is to see how many 7-Elevens I can visit.

Today I visited five of them. Each photo below is clickable and will state the store # of each along with a geotag to show the physical location in Picasa.






Facts and oddities about 7-Eleven

If you want to see how close these five stores are to each other, check out the map.


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