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the holiday season

What's known as the holiday season starts on Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November)and ends on New Year's Day (January 1); for this year that's 37 days or just over 5 weeks. At the time I write this there is exactly one month left before the season officially ends.

I can deal with the glitz of this season for a while, but then of course it starts to bother me.

Every time I go into just about any store, I hear Christmas music. Cute at first. Tolerable next. Annoying last. By the end I'm ready to say, "Silent Night? THEN SHUT UP."

Christmas card choices are bad. Your choices are Generic, Stupid, Really Stupid, Unbelievably Religious and Perfect But Costs Eight Frickin' Dollars. You end up buying generic. Hallmark my ass. More like Hallscrew-your-wallet-its-gonna-be-empty-after-buying-this-crap. God Bless dollar stores, every one.

I am thankful for one thing when it comes to shopping however - web sites that have the option gift wrap your stuff for you then ship it. Awesome. Totally worth the extra few bucks to do it, because I can't wrap a gift worth a crap.

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