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the library

Today I went to the library (this one) so I could take advantage of the free wi-fi they have there and get some work done outside of my apartment.

Their wi-fi, like many other libraries have it, is completely open. When I walked into the place, I went to the front desk and asked if there was any specific password needed to access. There wasn't. Just turn on and go.

A few things of note:

Today was the first time I've been in a library in well over a decade. I literally cannot remember the last time I've been in one.

The library I went to is very modernized. Wide open spaces, no musty old-book smells anywhere, completely carpeted. It has a very open airy feeling to it.

I was, as expected, the only guy there with a netbook. Everybody else there with laptops had the full-sized kind. I did catch a glance however from a guy who purposely had to sit at a table with a power outlet just to use his computer rig. I, of course, didn't need it. Here I am, sitting with a neat little netbook that can run for hours on end easily on battery, while he's sitting there with an 8-pound behemoth that absolutely must be tethered to the wall just to work.

Yeah, I got a chuckle out of that. I also got a chuckle out of the fact that everybody there with a laptop had to sit next to a wall for the exact same reason.

I was the only guy with a laptop sitting at a table that wasn't next to a wall. No joke.

The wi-fi worked okay save for the fact I couldn't connect to MSN messenger. I could however connect to Skype. Weird. But no big deal since I chat on Skype more than I do MSN.

Another thing is that the building is obviously multi-level. However I could not find where the second floor was and I really wanted to go there because of the big windows with the good view. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right spot, I dunno.

I'll definitely be going again. Next time I'll take a longer walk around and hopefully find a stairway for other level(s). 🙂

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