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the light at the end of the . . wash cycle

In my apartment complex I have only one real complaint: The fact I don't have a washer and dryer.

While it's true this place has a washer/dryer area that is literally 30 seconds walk from my apartment, it costs $1.50 each for a wash and dry ($3.00 total each time you do it).

In this complex there are units available with washer/dryer hookups, however I don't know if any are available so I will have to visit the office to find that out.

If I move into a unit that has these hookups, my rent goes up $90 a month. I would be upgrading from a "galley" to a one-bedroom.

I'd also have to buy a washer and dryer. Bought new the pair is about $600 to $650, but I'm purposely going to seek out scratch'n'dents that should shave at least $100 off the price. As long as they work and have at least a 1-year warranty I couldn't care less what they look like.

. . .

Going with your own washer/dryer setup does not save you any money at all. You do it strictly for convenience. For the 2 loads of laundry I do per week, this costs $24 monthly ($312 yearly). There's basically no way I could have a washer/dryer pay for itself over time. Furthermore I'd have to pay more rent just for the privilege of having my own laundry area.

I looked into those compact washer/dryer setups (the kind where the dryer is ventless and the washer operated from the kitchen sink faucet) and the overall opinion is that they just don't work that well. The washer seems to do an okay job, but the compact dryers just don't dry. You could run the thing for two hours straight and you'd still have wrinkly clothes afterwards.

. . .

Even though I full well know I'll lose money by upgrading to a 1-bedroom and taking the hit by buying my own clothes appliances, I'm going to do it anyway if my complex has a unit available.

Whether you go to a "community" washroom or a laundromat, it just sucks. Put it this way, I have been known to drive to my father's house just to do laundry even though he's 75 miles away. I'm not kidding. Even though I take a hit in used fuel going there, the cost is actually a wash (pun not intended) because I get to do my laundry the right way.

The right way is this:

Three separate wash loads; whites, colors, jeans. Whites are a hot cycle, colors are a cold cycle, jeans are a warm cycle.

For drying, the jeans are the kicker because they take the longest. But the nice thing is that if the cycle doesn't dry them completely I can just run them for another cycle.

And I'll be honest: I don't give a crap about saving electricity when it comes to washing or drying my clothes. Whatever it takes to get them washed and dried properly, I'll do it.

. . .

Is it worth it to have your own washer/dryer?


I remember reading a comment on the internet about someone who finally got his own setup after years of not having one, which said "The only way of taking my washer and dryer away from me is by prying them out of my cold dead hands".

And yep, that pretty much sums it up. (heh)


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