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the mother road

I saw Cars today on DVD. It was on sale and I've been really wanting to see it so I bought it.

My opinion of the movie: The story was fair. The animation was a bit too much on the cartoony side, but at least it wasn't another "little orphan finds his way home" storyline - which is something Disney has beat to death several times. But concerning the cartoony thing, this movie used too much Hollywood license. Even though cars aren't alive, there were things done in this movie that just go way beyond being even remotely believable.

My opinion of the characters: Almost perfect. I say "almost" because Sarge should have been played by R. Lee Ermey. I mean, it would have been a perfect fit if that happened, but it didn't. Yes, Paul Dooley did a great job, but man.. R. Lee drives a military vehicle exactly like the movie shows. It just would have made more sense if he played the role.

My opinion on the location: The majority of the movie focuses on Route 66. Very, very cool. This was my favorite part of the movie.

Anyone who knows me knows I love driving. One of my dreams is to drive '66.. or at least the remaining 80% of it (only 80% of '66 is original, the rest is not).

Now if you can believe this, Route 66 wasn't declared "historic" until 1990. Yes that was sixteen years ago, but still.. I thought it had been deemed historic way before that. Better late than never, I suppose.

I find it amusing when I hear people say "I want to travel" in reference to places outside the USA. How I would love to say Have you even been to 1/4 of this country? Probably not. That's the amusing part.

Even where I live now, Florida alone is a huge state. I haven't even seen 5% of it yet. And trust me, I plan to see as much of it as I can. There's more to FL than just Disney, y'know. 😉

And just for the sake of mentioning it, when I was in Connecticut I barely saw any of it in all the time I lived there. I won't be making that mistake here. 🙂

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