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the new black


Yep. It's time for a design change once again. 🙂

Actually, I had a good reason for changing it this time. Sorta (heh). I plan on moving all my music to another site, so I wanted this one and the new one to look similar to each other for continuity's sake. The new one I'm referring to is going to have what I call a "cinema" look with plain white on black, so I figured I'd do that here as well.


Tubes filled with gas

My kitchen light kicked the bucket the other day so I had to buy a new one. It's an 18" tube fluorescent light. I had to search all over to find this frickin' thing. Found it at Wal-Mart (of course). I thought I might have been able to find it at Home Depot or K-Mart. Nope. Only Wal-Mart had it.

It's kind of interesting considering this is a fairly standard bulb?


New archived songs coming soon

There was a bunch of music I posted to the Alesis Fusion HD Support Forum, but that place seems to be down now, so I'm going to post all of those here instead. I just have to get all the links set up and whatnot. It'll be here soon.

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