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the poor man's way of streetpilot audio out to car stereo

On the back of my Garmin StreetPilot c580 is a small 1/8th inch "AUDIO OUT" stereo port. I can confirm it's a stereo out because I played an MP3 back thru a set of headphones and.. ta-da.. stereophonic bliss (heh).

So anyway, I've been DYING to get the audio to push out to my truck's stereo speakers because it would sound way better.

But there's a problem. My 2005 GMC Canyon doesn't have an auxiliary input on the front of the radio. Bleah.

What to do.. what to do..

Install a GM12-AUX adapter for my truck? Nah. Way too much cash (70 bucks) just to get a stupid AUX input.

Install a new car stereo? Nah. Again, too much cash and to boot too much hassle just for that stupid input.

Sheez.. all I want is the ability to push the StreetPilot's audio out to the car stereo. It doesn't even have to sound that good.. all I want is to hear it better.

What to do.. what to do..

Wait a sec..


A cheesy 25-dollar wireless FM transmitter from Wal-Mart!

I plan on picking up one (if it's available) later today. And hey, even if the sound is so-so, who cares? Anything is better than those tiny built-in speakers on the c580. 🙂

-- UPDATE --

I bought an FM wireless transmitter and it works like a charm.

Cool beans. 😀

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