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The road severely less traveled

Today I went to Wal-Mart in Lisbon to return the cablemodem I didn't need since the connection was fixed using the old modem. There was a little bit of an issue at the return desk. Evidently the UPC code did not match what the receipt stated. When I bought the thing originally, at the checkout I noticed the box had been opened before, so I swapped it with another one that hadn't been opened. The problem is that the cashier did not rescan the box so the old UPC code was still there. Heck, I didn't know that. That's supposed to be the cashier's job. I stood at the customer service desk for about ten minutes, the service manager interveined and I eventually did get my money back. I didn't make a scene about it or anything.

After that I decided today was a Where does that road go? type of day. I took off from Wal-Mart into uncharted territories of Connecticut, well... uncharted for me. I just wanted to go on roads I hadn't been on before.

I saw several school buses picking up kids on their routes. Some of the teens I saw were just plain funny looking.

Odd teen #1: All dressed in black. Rail skinny blonde white girl with ultra-flat hair (so much you could see the outline of her head). Loose fitting top. Pants are extremely loose, pockets everywhere, accessorized with metal hoops and chains all the way down the pant legs. Dumb, duh-dumb dumb DUMB! This girl is destined to work at Hot Topic in the mall, guaranteed.

Odd teen #2: Again, all dressed in black. Short. Don't know if he was white or black... possibly biracial, not sure. T-Shirt had some tribal looking logo on it. Black bandana on head. This teen was desperately trying to look cool - waiting for the bus. Most likely destined to work in an auto parts store of some kind.

Odd teen #3: Sandy blonde long-haired white girl with tight red sweater, ultra-tight blue jeans and black boot things with heels. Future slut. Probably destined to work at the Piercing Pagoda right down the way from Hot Topic where hoopy-pants girl works. They'll probably trade dirty looks when passing by each other, one thinking Prep! while the other thinks Skank!

After a little while I came across the worst road in Connecticut, somewhere near the town of Newent called Walker Road. Unpaved, and I mean really unpaved. Two dirt tire tracks and GRASS in the middle with only enough room for one truck (has to be a truck, a car could never traverse this without banging some vital part of the car underneath). Scary driving, but at the same time an absolute blast. This is the reason I own a 4x4, I said to myself.

Back in Plainfield, I drove by Skate Inn, a place I've been to many times. It's a roller skating rink. It looked... old. On the outside, the place hasn't been updated in years. I don't remember the last time I went in there. I remember they had a cool arcade. The game I played most often was Trojan. I sunk many quarters into that machine. I also remember thinking Man, I remember when I used to think this place was a long way from home. When you're a kid and go somewhere where the car ride is over fifteen minutes it seems like a really long way away. Kids have a different sense of time than adults do, no doubt about that.

Lowest price at the pumps today: $2.95. That's a lot better than what it was in the recent past.

My StreetPilot i3 has given me a sense of driving freedom I never had before. GPS simply kicks ass. I positively love the fact I can drive anywhere and not fear getting lost. Having that confidence makes me love driving again - except for people that tailgate. They still suck.


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