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The sickness approacheth

Yesterday I went to bed early because I was starting to get a cold. Today I woke up and my throat was completely dried out, or at least that's what it felt like.

Before I left for werk, I took an Advil Cold & Sinus pill and took two more with me for the rest of the day; these pills only last about 4 hours before you have to take another.

On my way to werk, I stopped by a local convenience store and picked up several packets of Halls - which to date is my all time best friend when I have a cold. When I get a cold I get extremely congested. Halls clears it up all the time, every time. Combined with the Advil I'm usually in pretty good shape.

So far, today hasn't been too bad. Been using the Halls, drinking Ginger Ale and am on my 2nd Advil of the day. My next one is due at around 3:30pm depending on how I feel. Note on that Ginger Ale thing: When growing up, when anyone got sick we were told by the family elders to drink Ginger Ale, so we did. I don't think it has any medicinal value whatsoever, but it does clear your throat.

I have the sneaking suspicion I might be very ill tomorrow. I find that the older I get, the longer it takes for colds to take effect. When they do, it wallops me every time no matter how much I prepare.

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