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the weirdness of an empty department store

Earlier today I made a quick trip to Target to pick up a small alarm clock. This was during the morning.

Inside it was basically a ghost town. Very weird.

If you go to one of those 24-hour places (like a Wal-Mart Supercenter) in the wee hours of the night and there are barely any customers seen, that I can understand because of the time of day. But the fact this Target was so empty during daylight hours was just odd.

I got this feeling of anxiety while I was walking thru the aisles looking for my clock. The quietness of the place just struck a nerve and it felt like I was doing something wrong by even being there, even though it was totally normal. I wasn't particularly nervous, and really don't know how to describe it.

After a few minutes I found the clock I wanted to buy, paid and left.

The Target I went to specifically was this one. It is a decidedly older store and feels like an old K-Mart. I kid you not. This Target store in particular I believe is suffering from the Wal-Mart effect, as there's one almost directly across the street from it.

University Plaza has always been described to me as not-so good by the locals. And yeah, several of the businesses in there are old, but still maintained relatively well. But the age does show, no question there.

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