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they're called the suck-aneers for a reason

I'm not a sports guy. Couldn't care less about football or baseball. However I do live in a big sports town. USF is just a hop from me as is Raymond James Stadium.

A year or so ago I heard someone call the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the "suck-aneers" and laughed out loud at that, because yeah, they're doing terrible. If me, the guy who doesn't follow sports at all, knows how bad that team is, then yeah, there's a problem.

Oh, and let's not forget that Tampa's baseball team, the Rays, are nothing but a huge ball of suck as well.

Possibly the single largest indicator that Tampa's teams have definitely seen better days is that neither team can sell tickets to save their lives. As a result, the upcoming Bucs game will be blacked out for this Sunday.

I'm actually glad the Bucs head coach blasted the blackout rule as being stupid, because it is. As if anyone can afford Bucs tickets these days. Gimme a break. That whole thing about "lack of fan support" is nonsense. Fan support is there FOR THOSE WHO CAN WATCH THE GAME. (facepalm...)

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