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things about me i know now that i didn't know before

Life is one of those things where you truly don't discover what you really like until you live a few years. I'm only 33 so I'm not old (or even middle-aged) but I'm definitely 100% out of that "magic" 18-to-27 demographic. I mention that because typically, people out of that range don't really give a crap out "cool" stuff at that point and focus on things they actually like whether peers consider it "cool" or not.

Here's what I know now that I didn't in my earlier years.

I am a statistics whore

For whatever reason I really dig stats. This is why I have a useless stats page. I mainly concentrate on stats that have to do with age, total figures, distance and/or some kind of measurement.

Example of age: The orignal Star Wars was released almost 31.5 years ago.

Example of total figure: The metro area of Tampa has 4 million people in it.

Example of distance: Key West Florida is roughly 430 miles away from me.

Example of measurement: Interstate 95 is 1925 miles long.

I am fascinated by the way the Interstate Highway System works

It's 46,837 miles long, the biggest public works project in history and nothing short of amazing that it actually works. It's especially fascinating because each of the 48 contiguous US states are in essence little countries unto themselves; every one of them had to agree "Okay, this is the way it's going to work."

Interesting tidbits about the system:

I-290 in Massachusetts purposely has a huge curve in it in Worcester specifically to go around Holy Cross College.

Every time you see a left-turn exit ramp off an interstate, that's a screw-up because they're all supposed to be on the right side only. They are rare and few but do exist.

All interstates that end in an odd number are supposed to be north-south and even-numbered east-west. For example, Florida's I-75 is a north-south and I-4 is an east-west.

I have absolutely no idea what generation I belong to (if at all)

...and nor do I care at this point.

I was born in 1975.

From ages 0 to 4 I was a 70s kid.

From ages 5 to 14 I was an 80s kid.

From ages 15 to 24 I was a 90s kid.

Which one am I? 70s, 80s or 90s? It's a tough call. Am I just one, a mix of decade cultures or what? No one knows.

Some would say I'm Generation X (born '61 to '81), but I don't know if I buy that or not because I pay more attention to cultures of decades rather than generations.

Because of my stat-whore tendencies and because you're just dying to know what gen you belong to supposedly, here's how it fares out:

This much is clear about Gex-X'ers at present: We blog the most and have the most significant presence on the internet - period.

I like to write

Yeah.. who knew, right? 🙂

I may write more on this later..


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