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things that make a computer geek oh-so-happy

scheduled e-mail send-outs

My e-mail program is Mozilla Thunderbird. I switched back to this since I stopped using Gmail entirely (and haven't gone back to it since by the way). One feature in t-bird is "send later" but the problem is that you can't specify when to send later automatically. Your only option is to manually send.

But then I found a t-bird extension called Send Later, and YES it allows for scheduled sending of e-mail. ROCK ROCK ON. 🙂

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.. "Whatever man.. big deal.." Oh it is a big deal.

Here are several really good reasons why I seriously dig this:

If I'm up @ 2am and reply to a mail, I can schedule it to send @ 6am to give the appearance I wasn't up @ 2.

If someone sends me a mail that ticks me off and I write up a really nasty reply, I can future-send it for 2 hours later. Chances are that after an hour I'll have calmed down, examined what I wrote, edit out all the "I'm angry at you" crap and then write something more civilized.

I have my best ideas for an e-mail response when I first receive the e-mail, but I don't want the recipient to get my reply 5 minutes later because it makes me look like I'm tied to the computer. In this case I'll reply anyway and do a future-send to give the appearance I read and replied later.

Some people read their e-mail at specific times of the day. I can now schedule e-mails to pop into their inbox when I know they're there. This is cool because my e-mail shows up first as newest. 🙂

no ring for you!

I found something so simple.. yet so effective.. in my MOTORAZR phone.

A "no ring" option.

No, I'm not taking about turning all rings off.

I'm talking about specifying "no ring" for specific people.

Example: Some moron keeps calling you and you don't want to talk to them. Yes they're easy enough to ignore but it would be nice to just never know they called. Having "no ring" set for that specific idiot is the answer. Yes they'll probably waffle into your voicemail but whatever.. at least you don't have to deal with the ring when they call.

Rock rock on. 🙂

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