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Today I turn 36.

It's really no different than 35. I still look the same.

What's more important is mid-April as that marks year #5 I've been living in Florida. Starting last year and continuing on into this year I've been acquiring stuff that allows me to live like a normal person. I live very simply, mind you. Prior to 2010 I was sleeping on an air mattress, had no couch and a really old Zenith 24-inch tube TV that I probably bought 10 years ago. I now have a real bed (simple, but works), a couch I bought for 50 bucks and a simple 24-inch LCD TV. My PC also received some mild upgrades, and I bought some new clothes - decent clothes this time. 🙂 Don't worry, I didn't look all ragged or anything but let's just say I was buying t-shirts in 4-pack bags rather than off the rack for a good long while.

I also bought a new guitar in February which most of you already knew about. It's a simple Squier that was $119 brand new. Cheap, but that's what I wanted because I like Squier guitars.

As far as the itinerary goes for 36, I'm going to release an album on iTunes and hopefully that will happen soon. After that I will shoot to the top of the charts and become a rock star. It's a good plan.

I don't feel 36, but I know I am. I guess that's a good thing.

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