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this is how all mac vs. pc youtube wars end up


One of these days we're all going to look back on YouTube and say "Wow! Remember how much YouTube sucked? Thank God that's not around anymore!"

Nerds on YouTube are some really funny people. That's because they're being totally serious about something that absolutely nobody gives a crap about - that being operating systems.

I encountered my first OS zealot back when I posted a "Mac vs. PC" video for work in 2007 in the form of a video comment. Curious, I went to his profile page and it was nothing but a bunch of "hater" videos, i.e. nothing but stolen video footage with cheesy text put over it. Zealots evidently love doing this. A lot.

Since that time I checked out all the other OS zealot nerds on YouTube just for laughs - because in all honesty they are hilarious. It's like watching a train wreck in progress. You don't want to look but have to because you just can't resist.

All these nerds act exactly the same and the crap flies like you wouldn't believe. Not only that but they purposely tell their "followers" to flag each others videos as "inappropriate" just to get them kicked off YouTube. Unfortunately this comes back and bites them hard because they get kicked off YouTube as a result.

Recently the last two of the "great" OS zealots got banned from YouTube, so it's finally over - for now.

~ ~ ~

Why would I even write about something like this? Mainly because I want to look back on this years later for a good laugh.

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