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this is why brighthouse roadrunner email sucks

Look at the screen shot below..


..and notice that in a 1280x960 window that in order to get your mail it's more than HALF WAY DOWN THE SCREEN.

Geez Brighthouse, thanks for making me suffer thru a banner ad for email I PAY FOR as part of the service, and the ridiculously large and worthless search bar (which does NOT search mail by the way.. that's a separate button).

Every time I login to this piece of crap it makes me cringe. Sure, the mail works fine but the interface is absolutely horrendous.

Have these idiots learned nothing from Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail? I guess not, hence the "stuck in the early 2000s" interface.

That banner ad needs to go. Now. Were it free email I could see the reason for placing it there, but bear in mind that PAYING CUSTOMERS (like myself) see this on every login. Evidently Brighthouse likes to charge you to see ads.

There is absolutely no reason to have a search bar that huge. It needs to be shrank and moved to the right.

Lastly, if you have more than 15 mails in your inbox, you are forced to scroll to see them.



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