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As of this morn'...

I will have Brighthouse internet installed tomorrow. I called and ordered service. And on Monday I will have digital phone thru them as well.

My Verizon land-line and DSL is canceled. I have the confirmation numbers for both which is good.

I will also most likely be switching to Sprint from Verizon for the wireless stuff, but I'm going to wait a bit on that.

. . .

There's this girl who works at the checkout at the local Walgreen's and oh my God is she so hot. Like.. smokin' hot. Gorgeous girl. She's also really nice to me which I always appreciate. And it's not like that "You're a customer so I have to be nice to you" stuff. She really is nice.

Yesterday I picked up my usual Monster Lo-Carb and we chatted a bit. She could tell I was blue and offered a few cheer-me-up words. I heard them and thanked her for it because I really needed it at the time.

Little things like that make life go a whole lot easier. 🙂 It's not like we'd ever date or anything.. but it was nice someone as gorgeous as her even took the time to talk to me on a "real" level.

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