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trying again to make a buck with youtube

ytlogoThe last debacle I had with Google was with my AdSense account, which of course was sorted out and everything is all a-okay with that and has been for some time.

Unfortunately my YouTube account, which is the entire reason I wanted to get my AdSense working in the first place, still has two copyright strikes on it. One from 3 years ago, the other from 4 years ago. Yeah. Long time. The strikes prevent me from becoming a partner user.

I finally said 'screw it' and decided to post a message to the YouTube help forum in an attempt to get these strikes lifted. Previously I didn't bother doing this because, well, there was no way to. However now with Copyright School, you supposedly can. I took the 'test' several times, but that was to no avail because my strikes are still there.

My forum post, as always, was kept civil and I didn't go on any tirades because that's not a proper way to request help. The post was somewhat long, but I did ask the question of whether YouTube has any of its own statutes of limitations concerning copyright strikes for YouTube users.

Now you might think this would fall under the law and that local governments would be responsible for assigning terms of length for strikes. Not in this situation. The length of term for copyright strikes on the web site is defined by Google themselves. This isn't a bad thing, but the problem is that absolutely nobody other than Google knows what the length of term for a copyright strike is. There is no public Google document anywhere that states "The length of term for a copyright infringement strike on a YouTube user account is X".

I basically want to know if it's true my copyright strikes are "for life" or not. If not, I want to know how to get them lifted or at least get an answer on what the length of term is for said strikes. Google is a huge corporation and should have documentation on such things.

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